A charming getaway spot for the nature-lovers and those seeking a quiet safe haven.
Bau, Sarawak


Peek Into Our World

Escape the Busy City Life into the laps of nature ......

Taking a break to nature walk or camping is the best way to relax and get away from it all, after a hard week of work or dealing with school deadlines. ! It is amazing how much you can do when you are camping alone or with family and are not tied down by anything. In fact, it is possible to get even more than a break; you can take your car and drive down to a Abba Paradise campsite and spend the night, if you wish.

“I really enjoyed my stay. The surrounding are amazing. If excellent camping site is what your looking for, choose Abba Paradise.”


Enjoy the best possible vacation for your family





基於樂園線路微薄及確保訪客順利入園,請至少提前一天到我們的網站 abbaparadise.com 註冊您的到訪日期。

 Welcome to Abba Paradise!
Abba paradise operates as a private homestay compound to be shared and enjoyed by guests, whom we welcome as responsible visitors to our site.
As we are not a resort, Guests are expected to take away their own rubbish and to not disturb the trees or any natural environment.  You are expected to be responsible, and to respect and abide strictly to our rules, terms, and conditions, should you choose to visit or stay with us.
Abba Paradise reserves its rights to remove any guests/visitors to the compound.

Due to weak phone/wifi connection line in Abba Paradise, and also to ensure your smooth entry to our yard, please purchase your tickets and rent your desired facilities at least 1 day ahead.