Check in time is at 2pm onwards. Check-out time is latest by 12 noon. Please clear out the tree house of all belongings by check-out to allow for housekeeping works and preparation for arrival of next guests. This ensures that everyone’s stay here will run smoothly.

As there is no fixed reception counter yet at Abba Paradise, please mention your name used and booking number to the caretaker upon entry, you will be guided you to your respective rooms.

As of yet, other than foods available for booking online, we do not provide the sale of food/drinks on-location unless stated otherwise. You may enquire about nearby restaurants and food outlets outside of Abba Paradise as we are always happy to help.

Yes. Guests are welcomed to cook at designated cooking facilities within the treehouse.

A Common Kitchen is available exclusive for all treehouse guests. It is a protected outdoor kitchen modestly equipped with basic amenities such as cooking and prep top, island with washing sink, 105L mini fridge, 2-units of portable single induction cookers, rice cooker, electric kettles, and a  mini toaster oven. Basic cooking utensils such as pots, plates, cups, bowls, chopping board, forks, spoons, and knives, may be provided.

The Family Suite features a modest dedicated pantry equipped with a washing sink, breakfast island, 105L mini fridge, rice cooker, and a portable single induction cooker. Basic cooking utensils such as pots, plates, cups, bowls, forks, spoons, and knives, may be provided.

Yes. There are dedicated BBQ decks/areas for exclusive use by respective rooms guests. BBQ pits are available for rent at RM20 per set. Basic utensils may be provided. The tree house is also equipped with portable induction cookers for use by all guests free of charge.

Please bring own food, ingredients, and extensions wires if you are using any. For the safety of the tree house, no open burning is allowed.

Items provided:
All rooms: King, Queen, or single beds, pillows, blankets, air conditioning, fan, insect nettings, wardrobes.

Bathrooms: Hot & cold water shower, toilet paper.

Kitchen (shared): 105L mini fridge, portable induction cookers (cooking & steamboat), rice cookers, mini toaster-oven, electric kettles, thermo pots(water storage). Basic cooking utensils such as pots, plates, cups, bowls, chopping board, forks, spoons, and knives, may be provided.

Pantry (Family suite only): 105L fridge, portable induction cooker (cooking & steamboat), electric kettle, rice cooker, thermo pot (water storage) and cooking pot. Basic cooking utensils such as plates, cups, bowls, forks, spoons, and knives, may be provided.

Living/dining (shared): Tables, chairs, built-in benches.

BBQ Facilities: Designated Open BBQ areas/decks for each room with BBQ pit, subject to reservation (RM20 per bbq set). Guests may rent additional BBQ pits for any location within the compound.

Security: Fire extinguisher, emergency lights.

Items NOT provided:

Rooms/Bathrooms: No hairdryers, towels toiletries, shampoo, toothbrush, and toothpaste.

Mobile reception & WIFI: As the retreat is located in a natural rainforest setting, reception is poor within the site, however you may enquire with the caretakers on locations where mobile reception may be available.

No, the treehouse is not wheelchair friendly.

There is a shared living and dining area available exclusively for all tree house guests. It is outdoors and protected from weather. It is furnished with refurbished vintage chairs, tables and a long built-in bench with rainforest views.

There is also a flexible open deck equipped with BBQ pit, tables and chairs. Please contact us for any special requests.

All of our rooms in the treehouse are air-conditioned for the comfort of our guests. However, we encourage guests to open all the large windows and use fans and nettings provided to be able to fully enjoy and immerse in the experience of living with nature, while still maintaining comfort.

As the tree house is located in a forest environment, insects, bugs and the occasional wildlife may be expected. While we take utmost importance in the safety of guests, we also advise you to take in this opportunity to observe and respect the surrounding wildlife in their natural habitat. As for mosquitoes and insects, we have provided for retractable insect nettings in all our rooms and bathrooms to ensure guests are protected should you choose to use it.

Yes. Each room has its own stipulated maximum number of extra beds that guests may order. Please make your order online during your reservation.

You may also bring your own sleeping equipment. However due to the safety of our guests, we cannot allow for more than the maximum capacity of people stipulated for the respective rooms as follows:

Private Forest Loft – 4 persons max

Open Loft – 7 persons max

Tree-front Family Suite – 6 persons max

If you require more people to stay, we have other rooms available. You are also welcomed to make bookings online for a variety of camping tents that we have available, or set up your own within the compound to further enhance your stay here. Arrangements can be made to set up tents at the flexible deck too.

Guests are expected to be responsible for their own rubbish and to keep rooms and areas clean at all times. A small rubbish bin is provided for in each room for disposal of dry waste only. A larger bin is provided at the shared kitchen for common use.

As of yet, there are no rubbish collections available within the locality where the retreat is in. Thus, we are unable to provide for a common rubbish dump for larger wastes within the site for guests. Please dispose your rubbish at your own accord. We do however provide rubbish bags for purchase if you require.

No. Abba Paradise practices a strict No-Pet policy throughout the whole compound. The site is located within a wildlife environment and thus we are unable to ensure the safety of any pets brought on to the site. The presence of new unfamiliar animals will also disturb the local animals and dogs.

Yes, you may make bookings for all 3 rooms on the same nights and enjoy a discount on the accommodation fee upon checkout. This will also give you full access to all facilities and benefits of the tree house such as BBQ decks/areas with one set of BBQ pit free of charge, shared areas, and the flexible deck for the entirety of your stay.

Yes, the gates for the compound closes at 6pm daily for the safety of the retreat and those within. You may inform the caretakers to arrange for entering and exiting of the compound after 6pm.

By making a booking for stay at Abba Paradise, you agree to be bound by the following rules and Terms of conditions. Please read them carefully before you proceed with your booking. ( Terms and Conditions)